Ten Years ago today 9/11

11th September 2011

Today is the tenth anniversary of a day that bought sadness and anger from all four corners of the world. Life is fickle and at a seconds notice we could lose some one without even knowing until that fateful knock on the door.

World trade centre is left burning and on the verge of collapse the pentagon collapses.  Hijacking – mass murders and terrorism at its evilest. 2,958 innocent people died and  more than 6,000 injured.

Mass suicide is committed when 19 Al-Qaeda hijackers die in the execution of their religious beliefs.

Every one will remember where they were when the news of the twin tower attacks was aired over television and radio. I was walking into my lounge where I saw a film clip of an airplane crash into a large tower, I continued to clean my lounge until I realised it was actually a news flash of devastating proportions.


I was shocked beyond belief and although a large ocean stood between the victims and me I was affected profoundly. I sat all day as the devastations unfolded and another plane crashed into the world trade centre, taking thousands of lives and claiming a page in the history books forever.

I screamed and shouted to others on my screen when the towers collapsed and cried for the poor victims as debris and clouds of ash swirled through the streets of New York as though it was atomic.

Ten years on and I don’t remember or think about the vile cowards who caused this, but the families of the victims and hero’s who died that day.

To all the souls lost that day and to the families who had loved ones torn from them in a vile stampede of terrorism, I hope peace has been restored to your hearts. I cannot comprehend what you have been through nor make it better. But I remember your loved ones with pride and salute each and every one of them xxx


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