The child you abuse will become the adult who accuse!

10th October 2012

Sir James Vincent Savile OBE, KCSG Born 31st -10 – 1926- Died 29th 10-2012,

Best known for presenting the television show Jim will fix it, and Top of the pops. He was awarded the OBE in 1971 and knighted in 1990.

Before and after his death allegations were made that Savile had raped and sexually abused girls at the height of his fame in the 1960s and 70s. In October 2012, the Police began looking into  the allegations.

In his autobiography he claimed that he had many intimate relations with members of the opposite sex, he just failed to mention they where children!.

He did not own a computer, explaining that he did not want anybody to think that he was downloading child pornography.

Now it seems Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr and other well known celebrities have been named as possible abusers of children dating back to the early 60s.

All those who knew of this vile mans attacks on innocent children should hang their heads in shame, one wonders how silent they would have been if it where their daughter – or female relation who where a victim.

I hope all the perpetrators who have abused  these children are sought out and punished appropriately and that Sa-vile knighthood and OBE is taken away.

I also hope a message will be sent out to all vile predators – pedophile – that one day

The child you abuse will become the adult who accuse

Oh, just one other thought – I am so glad I didn’t get a response from my letter to jim will fix it….


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