The horrible danger of blinds..

4th April 2011


Plymouth toddler 21 months dies in hanging accident

This little one’s daddy was working at my daughter in-law’s house a few days before and was very proudly talking about his family to her.

Words fail me how these parents must be feeling. He leaves behind a twin brother and another sibling.

Danielle’s mummy has spoken about her wishes that no one else should ever lose a child through such terrible circumstances. I have blinds running around the whole of my home but knew that they can be lethal for babies and youngsters.

I purchased a cord collector that prevents the spare cord hanging idly in every room. I know my elder children used to say I was too fussy and would laugh at my over protectiveness when I put cupboard locks on every unit in the kitchen, but I actually went around the house when Skye came to live with us and looked for danger, no matter how over the top my elder children thought I was.

I think every blind sold should have this little plastic cord storer free for each blind purchased. Or more awareness to the public on the dangers of these blinds to our babies and toddlers.

R.I.P Little man

Caden x

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