Thought provoking!

19th January 2012

I was sorting out the children’s toy boxes whilst Sophia sat quietly being entertained by the children’s program on the television.

“Mummy, why has that lady got one hand”? She asked. I looked to where she was pointing and saw the female presenter had indeed only one arm.

“Because she was born like that darling” I replied

“What’s born”?

“We are all born darling when we come out of our mummies tummies”

“I am not born cause I have two arms- SEE” holding her hands in the air and waving them around.

I wanted to laugh at her innocence but knew she would think I mocked her; she sat quietly once more whilst I continued to put hers and her sisters broken toys in the black bin liner for the bin men. It was whilst doing this I suddenly wondered if we as parents are the ones who inadvertently start the road to discrimination against disabled people.

I had thrown away a ripped teddy and a few dolls that had various limbs missing explaining to her that they were broken and no longer any good!!

Do we as parents inadvertently sow the seed of discrimination just by a random act?


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