When pellet guns are not fun!

6th June 2011

My son was taking the washing off the line yesterday Sunday 5th June when he kept hearing a pinging sound, as though a small pellet was hitting the metal pole which houses the pulley for pulling washing line up and down.

It soon became apparent that some one was firing a pellet gun in his direction. We stood at the window trying to see which direction it was coming from. We have a large area behind us full of bushes and trees and uncut grass. Due to this time of year all foliage was full and in flower, making it almost impossible to find the gunman.

I phoned the police and they responded immediately finding the perpetrator in a neighbouring garden. He denied aiming or shooting in our direction and explained the pellet gun was kept for shooting vermin.


The police accepted his explanation and because my son had left to go home I could not say honestly that I saw or heard the pellets hitting any of my property.

But this has affected the girls who were playing in the garden this morning and rushed in doors with each small crack or noise. I wish these people would consider others before they start shooting these guns in the middle of the afternoon. Besides what happened to good old rat poison!!


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