Whitney Houston 09/08/1963 – 11/02/1963

13th February 2012

Whitney Houston 09/08/1963 – 11/02/1963

Another life destroyed by the demon drink and the devils whore (illegal drugs) they may not have taken her life that fateful day, but they sure as hell destroyed it many years before.

Fame comes at a cost for many. Whitney blossomed from a single rose as a child into the most amazing bouquet. Her rainbow of colour spanning over three decades and her unique voice equivalent to no other I have heard, nor am I likely to in my lifetime.

May she now walk tall and her torment  be over- sadly the suffering of her child is just beginning and another dysfunctional lineage could be in the making if they don’t get proper support and advice. I hope some one is going to look after her daughter and give her the right guidance R.I.P Whitney x

A world class performer x

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