Yvonne Constance Wallace 20/08/1921 – 7/02/2012

1st March 2012

Yvonne Constance Wallace

20/08/1921 – 7/02/2012

Neither known to many nor making any impact on the worlds stage, but the impact she had on my life immense.

Evie was 90 years old and had lived in our home for 12 years. We walked many months of illness and stood besides her fighting her corners many more.

I am left with memories to treasure and some to painful to want to revisit, dementia was to take hold of her the last few year

Evie was born in Calcutta India now known as Kolkata  on “20/08/1921 into a wealthy family that gave her certain privileges, she was the eldest daughter of Constance and Jack bonnet  and   had a sister and  three brothers who have sadly passed away but no doubt have greeted her home. She met James Wallace, her husband when she was 16 years old eventually marrying him aged 26, on

20th 12/ 1946 and had 4 children. “Michael” her eldest son is my husband.

Yvonne and Jim decided to come to the UK when Pakistan won their independence in 1947. They had a good marriage and were a loving couple, and were the epitome of what parents should be.  Evie was a seamstress and worked many hours to provide for her young children, she was a good artist and her paintings span over thirty years, she continued to attend an art class until ill health prevented her aged 86. Evie was also an avid gardener


Sadly Jim passed away 21/02/1996-followed by Evies beloved sister and friend Sheila.  – Evie was unable to cope with her grief and it soon became obvious as she spiralled into depression.


Michael and I agreed that Evie could stay a few weeks  until she became stronger  – that was 12 years ago.

Evie became a member of  our household and remained with us until her death 7th 02/2012 aged 90 years.

She was a much loved and respected member of the family and Michael and I  did what ever it took to abide by her wishes and not let her live out the rest of her days in a old folks home.

Although Dementia took hold and Evie became a stranger at times -she always maintained her pleasant nature.

Evie loved it when family got together for barbecued and Sunday roast, she enjoyed the little ones running around and with a twinkle in her eye loved the attention from my sons as she showed her frailness to them. Knowing they would help her out.

When she knew her health was floundering aged 83, she gave Mike and I  a list of four things she wanted to achieve before she became to ill.

1stly – ride pillion on a motor bike-

2nd—Journey from lands end to John O,Groats

3rd fly an aircraft

4th Hot air ballooning.

She achieved 3 of these but was refused the hot air ballooning as she couldn’t cock her leg over the basket!!!

she didn’t seem disappointed with the refusal either. And walked away with a knowing smile

She was a lady at all times – gentle but strong in mind- compassionate when the need arose – Softly spoken and irreplaceable.

She was a much-loved mother – Nan and great grandma to all her family especially Sophia and Skye and they miss their- I- I terribly.

I,I as they called her played many hours with them. Both have fond memories of the time spent in her company.

Yvonne will be terribly missed by me and no amount of words could give this lady the respect she deserves .

R.I.P Evie, reunited with her beloved Jim xxxx

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